Baltus Christmas Candle Tin


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Baltus Christmas Candle Tin

The traditional scented candle in a tin to preserve the aroma for as long as possible. These beautiful display tins are a beautiful gift that can be used year after year as they protect the candle inside. These two Wick candles have approx. 25hr burning time, and are available in two scents.

Spiced Berries – Gives off a warm spicy smell. The smell is reflected in it’s name spiced because it smells like a combination of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon spices. Although it doesn’t mean it’s a blend of these spices. It is simply a unique spice with a pleasant smell.

Vanilla Sandalwood – Is buttery, milky, comforting, sensual and seductive. One of the special characteristics of sandalwood is that it’s a wonderful base note that complements and enhances the sweet scent of vanilla.

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